Comparison of Rhat versions: clarifying formulas for the potential scale reduction factor and its implications

March 6, 2019
Description of how to calculate Rhat (Potential Scale Reduction Factor) for Bayesian convergence usind different formulas, and its impact on the length of the chains
ggmcmc R Bayesian

Families and batches of parameters in Bayesian inference: how to treat them using ggmcmc

February 22, 2019
Tutorial of how to deal with families of parameters in Bayesian inference using ggmcmc
ggmcmc R Bayesian

V-Dem by default: Load and process V-Dem democracy scores in R

January 11, 2019
Tutorial of how to perform data analysis of the Varieties of Democracies (V-Dem) dataset in R
Governance R Data visualization

Reading data from CIS into R

December 27, 2012

Processing Stan samples with ggmcmc

October 16, 2012
Bayesian mcmc R Stan ggmcmc

Visualizing 60 years of International Commerce

December 19, 2011
R Spatial models

Forecasting elections by polling the polls

November 1, 2011
Electoral forecast Bayesian JAGS mcmc R