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Reading data from CIS into R

The Spanish Center for Sociological Research (CIS, Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas) provides its data to researchers in SAS and SPSS formats. I will not enter today into to discussion and need to provide publicly funded data in open formats, but … Continue reading

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Processing Stan samples with ggmcmc

Stan is a relative newcomer in the scenario of Bayesian tools aimed at provide samples from posteriors. But despite its novelty, it offers many interesting features for Bayesians. Amongst the features, which will probably be discussed here in the future, … Continue reading

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Visualizing 60 years of International Commerce

Commercial ties between countries Recent trends in Comparative Political Analysis include the addition of spatial techniques. By means of spatial techniques the factors that help explaining a feature of countries go beyond the usual “internal” factors and include the interaction … Continue reading

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Forecasting elections by polling the polls

Democratic institutions are filled with individuals choosen on free elections. Although forecasting behaviour of individuals may not be the first and single purpose of social science, this blog will start with an entry about the uses of Bayesian tools to … Continue reading

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