The EU internal enlargement: elections in Flanders, the Scottish referendum and polls for elections in Catalonia and

This weekend three different regions in Europe have coincided to bring the discussion of a hypothetical EU internal enlargement by means of the most elementary tool of democracy: voting.

First, local elections in Belgium have been interpreted by the winning party in the Flemish part in regional terms, aiming for the evaporation of Belgium. Second, Cameron and Salmond have signed an agreement by which the United Kingdom and Scotland agree about the question to be asked in the Scottish referendum in 2014. Finally, the Catalan prime minister, in a calculated electoral move, has also mentioned the question that he would like to ask in a referenda in Catalonia if the wins the next Catalan elections to be held in November 25th.

Precisely the following Catalan elections are object of prediction using the “pooling the polls” method. As I did for the Spanish elections in 2011, you can consult all the predictions at forecasting Catalan elections 2012 and subscribe to the blog via RSS in order to get the latest updates.

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